If you have any questions or feedback, please reach us at help@double.bot.


  • We don’t train on your code, and we don’t store your code.
  • The messages sent to the LLM enabled features are routed through our backend first before being sent to OpenAI. That’s where we do our final prompt building.
  • OpenAI may retain the prompts we send to them for up to 30 days for trust and safety. You can find OpenAI’s privacy policy here: https://openai.com/enterprise-privacy
  • Anthropic may retain the prompts we send them if flagged for trust and safety review. You can find Anthropic’s privacy policy here: https://www.anthropic.com/legal/privacy
  • We collect basic telemetry (for example: number of chat requests sent, number of autocomplete requests, number of sessions) to help us understand how our product is being used.

Full Privacy Policy