Our chat is powered by GPT-4. Use ⌥ + J on Mac OS, and Alt + J on Windows & Linux to start a new chat.

Concise and code first

You don’t need to know how to pip install numpy for the nth time. Double’s chat is tuned to give concise answers and start answers with code samples (when appropriate).

Control the context

Select the exact lines you want the AI to focus on. Use ⌥ + K on Mac OS, and Alt + K on Windows & Linux to pass any highlighted code in the editor to the AI. Try asking it to:

  • Generate tests for a highlighted function
  • Add comments to the highlighted code
  • Explain how the highlighted code works

At this time, the AI only has access to the code that you explicitly pass to it. It will not automatically fetch context from your codebase (this is something that will be available soon).