Skip the mouse and stay on the keyboard.

⌥ + J — Starts a new chat conversation with the AI, and adds highlighted code, if any.

⌥ + K— Focused on the current chat conversation, and adds highlighted code, if any.

⌥ + L — Generates an autocomplete suggestion mid-line.


If you’d like to reconfigure the default key bindings, or if you have an international keyboard layout that may not be compatible with the default key bindings, you can do so by:


Open the Command Palette

In VS Code, open the Command Palette (Ctrl + Shift + P on Windows/Linux or ⌘ + Shift + P on Mac).


Open keyboard shortcuts

Type Preferences: Open Keyboard Shortcuts and press Enter.


Find and remap command

Search for the command you want to remap and double-click on it to remap it.

Below a list of all of the relevant commands you may want to replace:

editor.action.inlineSuggest.trigger — For the mid-line autocomplete suggestion.

doublebot.newConvo — For starting a new chat conversation with the AI.

doublebot.addSelectionToNewConvo — For starting a new chat conversation with the AI including the highlighted code.

doublebot.addselectionToChat — For adding the highlighted code to the current chat conversation.

doublebot.focusCurrentChat — For focusing on the current chat conversation.

There are additional commands that have no default keybinding but may want to enable for your convenience:

doublebot.nextConvo — For navigating to the next chat conversation.

doublebot.prevConvo — For navigating to the previous chat conversation.